Now this is what an animal shelter website should look like. It’s the brand new Berkeley East Bay Humane Society website, created by my friend and Animal Visuals founder Mark Middleton. Gorgeous, elegant, effective, and inviting. It’s going to attract a lot of people and help a lot of animals.

Mark’s a shining example of somebody who has found a way to apply his very niche-orinted talents to animal protection.

What are your talents, and how can they be put to use to protect animals? It doesn’t matter what your talents are, if you’re creative they can be put to use. For instance, five years ago a vegan dentist friend of mine gave me some extensive dental work I couldn’t afford for free, because he knew that doing so would enable me to keep up my full-time animal protection efforts without distraction.

For all the hellish things animal advocates are constantly exposed to, it’s made up for by the fact that this movement contains some of the planet’s finest people. Link.