Bid to Overturn California Foie Gras Ban Fails

The movement to keep foie gras legal in California just got a stake driven through its heart. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

California’s legislative leaders said Wednesday they will not help a group of chefs who want to overturn an impending foie gras ban.

Good deal. Fuck those people. This loathsome bid wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in the first place had it not been for the Chronicle constantly slanting its coverage in favor of the foie gras industry.

Nate Ballard, the mouthpiece for the push to overturn the ban, says:

Even if the ban does go into effect, we will keep moving forward. Prohibition has never worked in this country.

I get Ballard’s 1920s Prohibition metaphor, but it’s inane and easily dismissed. Prohibition works admirably as a strong deterrent against every kind of violent crime I can think of. It’ll work splendidly against these foie gras peddling criminals as well.

As to those chefs who intend to keep up the fight; they’ll quickly discover they can’t afford the damage that being associated with foie gras does to their reputations. Only one side in this struggle has the commitment, numbers, resources to step up this fight until foie gras is gone for good, and it isn’t the chefs. Link.


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