Bill Clinton Talks Up His Near-Vegan Diet

Some hugely exciting stuff here: Bill Clinton is talking about his switch towards a mostly vegan diet, which is part of his effort to live to see his grandchildren. This is a totally softball interview, but at the end Clinton goes into detail about the health advantages of being mostly vegan. Quite a change for a man who was infamous for unhealthful eating. Here’s an excerpt from a 1992 New York Times article about then-President Elect Clinton’s diet:

The President-elect’s taste in food reflects the kind of diet most people his age and older grew up eating: heavy on the meat, dessert at every meal and tiny amounts of vegetables, the tinier the better.

Yeah, he’s still occasionally eating fish. But it sounds as if he’s otherwise a hairsbreadth away from being vegan—and is both proud and outspoken about it. Considering this is a man who is known throughout the world and admired by tens of millions of people, this is a very big deal. (Via Engine 2.)