Bill Marler’s Ag Secretary Smackdown

Whoa, this is awesome. I spend a lot of time tearing into the numbnuts who run and oversee animal agribusiness, and sometimes I’m maybe kind of severe. But I can’t compete with Bill Marler, who is probably the country’s most prominent food safety attorney.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack just appeared on Minnesota Public Radio, offering up all sorts of vague reassurances about this past weekend’s New York Times E. Coli article. But Marler’s having none of it:

Now, back to his actual words to Minnesota NPR. If he had called I would have driven him and Mr. Cargill up to Cold Spring, Minnesota to meet the young woman profiled by the New York Times. Perhaps, he could help change her diapers? Help her in and out of her wheelchair? That she will never walk again? Explain to her that she will never have children? Will need multiple kidney transplants to live? Never have a meaningful job? And, never dance again?

Totally brutal, yet totally fair. Link.

Update: Marler updated his text to remove most of the venom. Out of respect for what he’s trying to accomplish, I changed the above quote to his revised version.