Biotech Wiz Ditches Work to Battle Meat Industry

Forbes just published a must-read article: one of the world’s leading biotech scientists is taking the next eighteen months away from his regular work in order to find ways to shrink the global meat industry. Pat Brown will spend the next six months assessing ways to change food policy, and then the following twelve months working with the food industry to bring better vegan foods to market:

“There’s absolutely no possibility that 50 years from now this system will be operating as it does now,” says Brown. “One approach is to just wait, and either we’ll deal with it or we’ll be toast. I want to approach this as a solvable problem.” Solution: “Eliminate animal farming on planet Earth.”

As the climate crisis intensifies, expect more top scientists to abandon their specialties and follow Brown’s example. (Via Bea.) Link.

Update: fuck.