Bittman on E. Coli

A lengthy article about the public health menace posed by E. coli, and how animal agribusiness isn’t getting its share of the blame:

If you’re the cattle industry, you’d rather blame the whole thing on sprouts that were “somehow” contaminated. (Ban sprouts! No one really likes them anyway.) But blaming the sprouts is like blaming your nose for a virus-containing sneeze: That STEC [Shiga-toxin-producing E. coli] came from somewhere, and in its history is an animal’s gut.

But regardless, the meat industry wants to avoid further regulations at all costs:

The fact is that a huge and powerful lobby would rather see a few thousand annual underreported deaths and the occasional high-visibility outbreak than submit to further regulation and smaller profits.

This is probably the best overview, and the most insightful analysis of the E. coli problem, that I’ve ever seen. Well worth reading in its entirety. Link.


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