Bittman on the “Collective Guilt” of Eating Meat

Mark Bittman has been writing about the ethics of eating animals with increasing frequency, but it’s usually indirectly or in passing. But this time around, after reading Timothy Pachirat’s new book Every Twelve Seconds, he tackles the issue head-on.

When omnivores recognize that our way of producing and eating meat reduces not only slaughterhouse workers but all of us to a warped state, we’ll be able to bring about the kind of changes that will reduce both meat consumption and our collective guilt.

Unlike most mainstream food politics writers (cough, cough…Pollan…cough…Schlosser), Bittman is willing to think carefully and at length about the ethics of America’s meat habit. And this proclivity to engage rather than to ignore makes him the most important such writer out there. Link.