Bittman Reconsiders McDonald’s Oatmeal

One of the reasons I love Bittman is he’s one of the rare people capable of saying that something totally sucks, but is nevertheless a step in the right direction:

After browsing all the McDonald’s oatmeal comments (thank you; here’s the story, the comments are below it), I’m going to make an attitude adjustment: I think it’s a good thing, or at least not a bad thing, that McDonald’s is doing oatmeal. I think they’re doing it badly, and 32 grams of sugar is way too much. But on a scale of one to ten, they deserve a one, not a zero; and I didn’t make that clear. They’re serving a semi-whole-grain breakfast, and it’s better than a mcribmcmuffin, which was probably in play at some point. Let’s encourage them to do better, not necessarily by buying the stuff (it’s too easy to prepare yourself, but maybe you’re on your way to an airplane or something) but by at least acknowledging that it’s a better offering. (And no, they neither threatened me nor offered me cash.)

I think all-or-nothing thinking is a food activist’s worst enemy, and Bittman manages to avoid it at every turn. Link.