Bittman Reviewed

Here’s a nice write-up of Mark Bittman’s new book, Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 Recipes. Bittman’s thesis is that the average American might find becoming a full-time vegan too great a sacrifice, but just about anyone can aspire to eating a super-healthy vegan diet until 6:00 PM. In any case, being 75 percent vegan is vastly better in every respect than being 100 percent vegetarian. Bittman’s take:

I’m not in favor of vegetarianism, really, because if you replace half a pound of meat with half a pound of cheese, you haven’t done anything. And I’d like a better term than ‘flexitarian’.

That echoes what I’ve often said in my talks, when I refer to myself as an anti-vegetarian activist. If you’re serious about the health and ethical impact of what you eat, it’s important to not distinguish between meat, milk, and eggs. It’s great that Bittman totally gets this.

Imagine the progress we would make in becoming a vegan culture if it became commonplace for people to eat only one non-vegan meal a day. Bittman is doing an incredible job of pushing society in that direction. Link.