Bittman & Wallace on Lobster

Bittman writes:

The pleasure of eating lobster is intense, and the reward-to-work ratio is unsurpassed, all of which is fun to talk about. What’s not so fun to talk about is lobsters and pain, which is why I’m going to avoid it. All of us lobster eaters do. (If you want a full consideration of the lobster/pain issue — one that resolves absolutely nothing but grapples with it beautifully — read David Foster Wallace’s hilarious essay “Consider the Lobster.”)

I think Wallace’s essay resolves absolutely everything. Read it online and decide for yourself. It’s definitely one of the top five pieces that every animal advocate needs to read; simultaneously clear-thinking, important, and funny as hell.

The essay can also be found in Wallace’s book, Consider the Lobster and Other Essays. The lead-off essay on a porn industry convention is Wallace at his finest, and I regard this as the best of his essay collections and the best starting-point for discovering Wallace.