Bittman’s Vegan Before Dinner WNYC Interview

(Via NY Times’ Well blog) WNYC has a terrific 35-minute streaming video with Mark Bittman, where he elaborates on his “Vegan Until 6:00” approach to eating. Bittman’s always entertaining and informative, and he comes off as so damned reasonable.

I think more and more people who eat meat and would never dream of going vegan are going to fall into the Bittman camp. And in our time, it’s reasonable to expect that the majority of meals eaten by devout carnivores will be vegan.

It’s so refreshing to hear Bittman talk because the majority of meat eaters who write about food are just appallingly misinformed about veganism. Bittman, by contrast, really understands the spectrum of concerns that relate to food, and he manages to reject veganism for himself without at all acting like a dick about it.

If you’re unable to listen to this stream, download the free multi-platform VLC Player, which I regard as among the most useful pieces of software in existence. Link.