Bon Appétit Makes Big Move Against Animal Confinement

An unprecedented commitment today from one of America’s top food service companies. Starting in 2015, none of their food will be produced using battery cages or gestation crates.

Writing for Civil Eats, Helene York, the company’s director of strategic initiatives, explains the numerous challenges that accompany becoming a leader rather than a follower on farmed animal cruelty issues. But efforts here pay off in numerous important ways. York explains:

Good animal welfare isn’t just about the animals. It’s about starting to dismantle a system that has enormous costs for our society, including the loss of medically important antibiotics, the pollution of our air and water from animal waste, and horrible working conditions in factory farms.

Now would be a great time to meet with the director of your college or corporate dining hall, to ask about instituting Meatless Mondays and switching food service providers to Bon Appétit. If the Syscos of the world start seeing that they’re losing major dining hall contracts on account of animal cruelty concerns, we’ll see a stampede of food service companies rushing to follow Bon Appétit’s lead.

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