Breaking: HSUS Battery Egg Investigation Coming Tomorrow

No video yet, but New York Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof has the exclusive. He writes:

For those who are wavering, think for a moment about the arc of empathy. Centuries ago, we humans amused ourselves by seeing other people executed or tortured. Until modern times, we considered it sport to see animals die horrible deaths. Now our sensibilities have evolved so that there is an outcry when animals are abused — unless it happens out of sight on farms.

The police would stop wayward boys who were torturing a stray dog, so should we allow industrialists to abuse millions of hens? Shouldn’t we agree on minimum standards?

Kreider Farms, located in Pennsylvania, is issuing what amounts to a blanket denial of wrongdoing. Company president Ron Kreider told Kristof:

These allegations by the Humane Society are a gross distortion of Kreider Farms, our employees and the way we care for birds… The reality of food processing can be off-putting to those not familiar with animal agriculture.

“Or anyone with a sense of decency,” he should have added.

Lots more coming Thursday morning. I hope you’ll set aside a few minutes to help promote this story and forthcoming video throughout your circles. Link.