California Chefs Try to Derail Upcoming Foie Gras Ban

Last Updated: April 29, 2012

Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, Stacy Finz and Paolo Lucchesi report:

More than 100 of California’s best-known chefs have joined forces to fight the nation’s first state law banning the sale of foie gras.

Typical for the Chronicle, this story is heavily slanted in favor of foie gras producers, who get their absurd talking points quoted at length without any direct rebuttal from advocates:

“We’re trying to create a humane market, not a black market,” said Rob Black, the restaurant association’s executive director who is seeking a legislative sponsor to carry a new foie gras bill or amend the old one.

“By repealing the ban and enacting strict new standards, we will send the message to the world that California is the leader in the humane and ethical treatment of animals.”

Strict new standards my ass. Note that this article ignores the recent foie gras investigation carried out in late 2011 by the Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL)—this despite the fact that reporter Paolo Lucchesi spoke yesterday with APRL’s Bryan Pease. Here’s that investigation’s video:

Foie gras is down in California but it’s not out. This could be the industry’s last gasp in the state, so it’s crucial for California animal advocates to make one last push to knock the industry out for good. How do you do it? Contact your state senator and assembly members, and let them know you strongly oppose any efforts to rescind the July 1st statewide ban of foie gras. Link.