Charred Red Meat Raises Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Charred Red Meat Raises Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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Study number 6,235,932 linking red meat to cancer has just been published. A team tracked 62,000 people and found that those who developed pancreatic cancer were overwhelmingly among the people who ate the most barbecued red meat.

The study’s lead researcher says:

Our findings in this study are further evidence that turning down the heat when grilling, frying, and barbecuing to avoid excess burning or charring of the meat may be a sensible way for some people to lower their risk for getting pancreatic cancer.

Why is it that oftentimes, when summarizing studies like this, the concept of not eating red meat in the first place isn’t at least presented as an option? Don’t people deserve to be told the best and most surefire way to reduce their cancer risk?

For those who feel they absolutely must purchase red meat, recommends the following cooking method for minimizing cancer risk: boil the meat in a sealed plastic bag for fifteen minutes, then, without breaking seal, discard bag and meat. Link.

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