Clear Plastic Egg Packaging

Slate has an article on why organic eggs are often packaged in expensive and environmentally unfriendly clear plastic. The answer is that, since the very best free-range, organic egg looks not a bit different than the most deplorably produced battery egg, added money is spent on packaging to give the consumer the impression that the product is of higher quality.

It’s a shame that every cent of the added purchase price doesn’t go to improving the welfare of the hens.

Of course, it would be quite possible to give consumers a true mechanism for judging an egg’s quality by glancing at the packaging. You’d have to introduce genuine and rigorously-enforced standards within the free-range egg industry, along with a seal that can only be used when the absolutely highest animal care standards are met.

But instead of an explicit commitment to excellent animal care, high-end egg consumers get clear plastic. Link.