Clinton and the Vegan Health Argument

Smart and funny commentary from Vegan Outreach about what Bill Clinton’s new diet says about the effectiveness of using health to advocate for veganism:

Consider President Clinton’s situation. He is very rich and powerful, and can afford to have any chef prepare him anything he wants. He is very close to his outspoken daughter who has been vegan for many years. Yet it still took extremely serious health problems, his daughter’s wedding, and a desire to live to see grandchildren to get him to finally eat a more plant-based diet (but still including fish).

So yes, it is clear that the health argument has an impact on rich, powerful men with vegan daughters, personal chefs, and nearly-fatal heart problems.

The best argument is the one that can most reliably inspire your listener to make significant changes. When it comes to speaking to most omnivores, there are some real hazards that accompany using health as a wedge to advocate for veganism. My analysis regarding the limitations of the health argument cost me some popularity in certain circles back when Meat Market was published, but then if I can’t attract some good old fashioned vegan-on-vegan hatred, I’m not doing my job. Link.


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