Cody Carlson Interview

A great new Mercy For Animals interview with former undercover investigator Cody Carlson:

[Being an undercover investigator] was more challenging than anything else I will ever experience. The physical labor, constant emotional heartbreak, and psychological somersaults of living undercover come together to keep you constantly gasping for air, just hoping to make it another day until the investigation is over.

There’s nobody in the animal advocacy movement who more deserves the “hero” label than undercover investigators. Given the massive personal sacrifices that go into their work, I believe animal advocates have a responsibility to ensure each new investigation is as widely shared as possible. In fact, I’d have a tough time coming up with a better use of a volunteer’s time than to contemplate things to do or build that would enable future undercover investigations to be seen by more people. If this is something you want to think about and work on, get in touch and I’ll refer you to the right people. Link.