Colbert on Pink Slime

A five minute segment with a wonderful ending.

It’s becoming ever clearer that animal agribusiness won’t survive as a gigantic industry filled with animal cruelty and sketchy food preparation practices, and that the industry is currently embracing a ruinous strategy for dealing with transparency-related scandals. The correct response to a losing battle is to begin an orderly retreat, which is what the meat industry ought to have done when the pink slime issue began catching fire. Instead, the industry chose to embrace a ludicrous position and fight it out, and now it’s getting its ass handed to it.

Next time around they should know better and respond differently. But they won’t. They’ll continue to needlessly throw their credibility out the window.

Omnivores have long memories when it comes to segments like the one Colbert just aired. In a broad and deep way, this is how public attitudes about our food choices change. Link.