Commitment Tuesday, September 2010

It’s the last Tuesday of the month; time for yet another Commitment Tuesday. So, what’s it going to be this time? Some ideas:

  • Donate some money to a deserving vegan advocacy or animal protection nonprofit .
  • Join Vegan Outreach’s Adopt A College program, and commit to hand out 300 booklets this semester.
  • Think of a few friends who’d be willing to read Eating Animals or my Ultimate Vegan Guide and lend them a copy.
  • Donate a copy of one of these books to your local library—after first checking that it will be shelved rather than sold at a book sale.
  • Visit your local animal shelter to help out with walking some dogs. Volunteers for this task are nearly always needed, and the dogs will sure appreciate your kindness.
  • Cut out another animal product from your diet: cheese, eggs, all dairy products, fish—whatever you feel ready to eliminate. Remember, constantly trying new vegan foods is what puts you into a position to easily cut away a given animal product.

Once you’ve decided on something, please visit to the wall and let us know about your commitment.