Conservation NGO Wants More Fish Farms

Conservation International has just issued a report saying that fish farms provide a more eco-friendly way of producing protein than cows, pigs, or chickens.

Leaving cruelty and killing considerations aside, the reasons [PDF link] are compelling:

Fish score well in terms of food conversion ef?ciencies. They convert a higher percentage of the food they eat into consumable protein. This ef?ciency is partly a re?ection of the fact that ?sh being cold blooded, do not use energy to maintain a high body temperature. As ?sh live in an aquatic environment they do not need as extensive a skeleton as terrestrial livestock and so there are more portions available as food.  Ef?ciencies are most notable for fish species that feed low in the food chain, primarily on vegetable-based feed.

A very interesting quote from Conservation International’s Sebastian Troëng :

Aquaculture is most likely to meet the growing demand for animal products with the least demand on ecosystems. It would be better still if more people became vegetarian, but that looks unlikely.

And it’s especially unlikely if you present factory farmed fish as a viable dietary option, while framing vegetarianism as a fringe diet that nobody’s going to want to follow. (Via Guardian.) Link.