Dairy Industry Pulls PMS Website

Barely a week ago, I blogged about a new advertising campaign claiming that dairy products could reverse PMS. Predictably, vegans weren’t the only ones to find the ads offensive and idiotic, so the campaign has just been withdrawn.

But the California Milk Board is persisting with dairy/PMS claims, and its chief says the decision to halt the campaign is “not a failure in any way.” I totally agree. It could only be considered a failure if failure was defined as failure.

So now the dairy industry is forwarding traffic from their original PMS site to GotDiscussion.org whose splash screen unapologetically reads, “Milk can help reduce the symptoms of PMS.”

And they invite you to join the discussion at Facebook.com. It’ll be interesting to see how long a post mentioning dairy industry cruelties stays up. (Via PCRM.) Link.