Daniel Woolfolk’s 30 Days as a Vegan

Those vegan-for-a-month articles always fall into two categories: some are by reporters who give it a sincere effort, and consequently have an easy and enjoyable time of it. Others are by reporters who seem determined to fail, and to turn the diet into an agonizing ordeal.

The latest iteration in this genre is by Daniel Woolfolk. Happily, he went out of his way to try new foods, and his experience has been great. He reports:

I plan to continue eating this way — especially since I don’t miss meat, but I do miss brownies and I’ve learned to bake them without milk or eggs.

I also feel great and have more energy. Some persistent allergy symptoms have improved and I’ve dropped a few pounds. I also eat a lot more often, as my roommate noticed.

It’s nice to see another article undermining the myth that a vegan diet requires discipline and sacrifice. Link.