Dept. of Worthless Vegan Marital Advice

Utterly useless and condescending advice from Washington Post columnist Carolyn Hax to a vegan woman who had her husband go back to eating meat. The scenario is especially bad because they were vegan since the time they started dating, plus he’s now unemployed—so part of her paycheck is being spent on factory farmed meat.

Hax responds with an unsympathetic lecture that makes the woman seem like she’s a terrible wife. She starts with:

I appreciate your passion and sympathize with your predicament — dramatic change in a spouse is difficult, no matter what form it takes — but you need to take a couple of rhetorical steps back to your side of the personal responsibility line. He is entitled to his own principles, which includes the right to revisit, revise or reject them.

And you’re entitled to kick his sorry ass to the curb. I’ve always noticed that anyone who starts a sentence with “I appreciate your passion” is about to say something remarkably dickish.

Hax ends her response with:

And, also consider whether there’s any room for compromise in your views — say, for kosher meat or non-factory-farmed products. Pose the issue as the following question, to yourself first, and then to your husband: “Is ‘ethical omnivore’ an oxymoron?” After all, we’re equipped with those pointy teeth.

It shows you how clueless Hax is on the issue that she’d mention pointy teeth, and even suggest kosher meat as a compromise.

Weirdly, Hax gave a remarkably good response last year to a related question. Link.