Disclosing Chick Grinding: “Almost a Joke”

Yesterday’s release of the Mercy For Animals video showing chick killing at Iowa’s Hy-Line hatchery has led to a barrage of media coverage. Items have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Gawker, the front page of Digg, and the Des Moines Register.

The Register’s coverage is surprisingly even-handed, especially considering that the hatchery is located in Iowa. The article quotes United Egg Producers spokesman Mitch Head:

“There is, unfortunately, no way to breed eggs that only produce female hens,” Head said. “If someone has a need for 200 million male chicks, we’re happy to provide them to anyone who wants them. But we can find no market, no need.”

Using a grinder, Head said, “is the most instantaneous way to euthanize chicks.”

Head also calls the idea of labeling egg cartons to disclose chick grinding, “Almost a joke.” You’ve gotta love that whacky egg industry sense of humor.