Don’t Tell Your Story

Read agribusiness journals and you’re constantly hearing that farmers need to tell their story in order to counter the threat posed by animal advocates. But after reading this Adam Bedford article, maybe that’s not such a hot idea after all. This is a baffling piece. In the rare instances where the text rises toward coherence, the ideas being advanced seem guaranteed to alienate the public:

[Jonathan Safran Foer’s] reasoning for giving up meat was partly due to what he called “factory farming” and how he didn’t think this was ethically right. “Factory farming” aside, I personally don’t think eating meat or not eating meat is an ethical decision, it’s a food choice. One’s views on capital punishment, supporting Manchester United and kicking a cat are an ethical decision. I have no issue with someone who doesn’t eat meat, as that is a personal decision for them to make. I personally choose to eat meat because I believe that that is what farmed animals are for.

Hard to believe that an agriculture website found Bedford’s piece worthy of publication. If this is the best story animal farmers can tell, they’d be well advised to STFU. (Via Hawthorne.) Link.