Drop in Meat, Dairy, and Poultry Production

Drop in Meat, Dairy, and Poultry Production

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The USDA’s latest numbers show the output of just about every animal product down substantially:

The NASS semiannual Cattle inventory report released on July 24, 2009 showed the July 1, 2009 total U.S. cattle and calf inventory 1.5 percent lower than the July 1, 2008 inventory, the lowest July 1 inventory in the series that began in 1973.

Fewer cattle and calves than in any July since 1973? Wow. Especially since America has almost 50 percent more people than in 1973.

And despite the fad hyping all things bacon, things are looking especially grim for pork producers:

Summer prices for hogs and pork cuts continue to languish at year-over-year lower levels due to lackluster demand for pork products.

I don’t know whether we’re seeing a lot more vegans lately, but it’s clear that many Americans are sharply reducing their consumption of animal products. And the jump to full-time vegan is a lot less intimidating once you’ve gone a while as a part-time vegetarian. (Thanks, Bea.) PDF Link.

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