Eating Animals Giveaway Winners

I just used to pick the five winners of the new paperback edition of Eating Animals. They are:

  • Colleen P, Providence, RI
  • Alex D, Denver, CO
  • Lisa S, Boulder, CO
  • Janani, Stanford, CA
  • Valerie M, Centreville, VA

And, as for my stupid little Wizard of Oz survey, in which I asked your favorite companion to Dorothy, Toto was the clear winner with 83 votes. Perhaps the animal rights nature of this site had something to do with Toto’s strong showing.  The Cowardly Lion came in second with 47 votes, followed by Scarecrow’s 45 votes, and Tinman bringing up the rear with 27 votes.

Congratulations to this week’s winners; Eating Animals is a watershed book that every serious animal advocate should read. New giveaway soon.