Eating Meat is No Longer Simple

Such a great point by Tim Carman, writing in the Washington Post:

Meat eating is not the simple pleasure it was in previous generations, and not just for those frequenting fast-food joints.
Even as millions of Americans continue to gobble down gourmet burgers, dry-aged steaks, chef-driven charcuterie and bacon-wrapped everything, they’re regularly forced to consider the potential consequences of their actions. Environmentalists want us to think about the greenhouse gases that meat production creates. Humane advocates want us to consider the suffering of animals. Doctors want us to ponder the health implications. And the medical community would like us to understand the potential fallout — otherwise known as antibiotic resistance — of pumping farm animals full of drugs.

What so-called abolitionists never seem to understand is that with each new cruelty ban, we’re not only saving millions of animals from needless suffering, but we’re also shining the spotlight on the inherently cruel nature of animal agribusiness. And every time this happens, meat eaters are forced to confront the fact that there are no simple choices when it comes to selecting animal products. One of the best reasons to go vegan is laziness: leaving the ethics of slaughter completely aside for a moment it’s too damned complicated, and costs too much money, to reliably source animal products from farms that give their animals a decent quality of life.

Carman’s article does a great job of explaining the various reasons why meat is becoming increasingly marginalized, and why countless Americans are either cutting down on it or eliminating it from their diets. (Thanks, Adam.) Link.