Eco-Atkins Far Healthier than Standard Atkins

Since there are plenty of fat and protein-rich foods in the vegan world, there’s no reason why an Atkins-style low-carb diet can’t be vegan. And new research suggests that if you’re going to do the Atkins thing, avoiding animal products is the smart way to go.

The study found that Atkins-style meat eaters have higher than average mortality rates from cancer and heart disease, whereas people on a veggie-heavy version of the Atkins plan enjoyed better health than the general public.

Study co-author and Harvard nutrition expert Walter Willett explains:

Low-carb diets are neither good nor bad—it’s what we’re replacing those carbs with that’s important. It’s making choices among your protein and fat sources, and choosing to emphasize the plant sources.

Healthful or not, I’m not interested in any diet that restricts my consumption of fruits and whole grains. Link.