Egg Industry Practices Televised

(Via Digg) In this video, that’s already generated more than 100,000 views on YouTube alone, TV chef Jamie Oliver has a bunch of male chicks dispatched on camera in front of a live audience. If “sexing” of male chicks is going to be inflicted upon 30 million UK chicks, and 200 million US chicks each year, then it ought to be televised and people ought to know what’s happening. My only problem with this video is that Oliver doesn’t clearly offer egg-free eating as a viable alternative.

This video also destroys the “happy meat” argument — that whole “abolitionist” concern that if you produce meat without unnecessary cruelty the public will not object. That’s obviously crazy talk. As you can see from the audience’s reaction, this line of thinking just doesn’t square with reality. And this video shows the chicks being killed in the cleanest way imaginable, silently and without a drop of blood. The reality in the USA is that many hatcheries still throw the males into garbage cans to smother. Link.