Egg Producers Release Their Own Video

Here’s a surreal video put together by Feedstuffs. It consists of a bunch of softball questions lobbed at a battery egg producer, in an effort to create the impression that battery cages deliver acceptable welfare.

The footage strikes me as hand-picked to show battery cages in the best possible light. There’s not a dead or injured hen anywhere in sight. I’m betting that the hens shown have recently arrived from the hatchery, since they look terrific. The cages appear brand new. And none of the video shots adequately reveal the sort of crowding the hens are facing—the camera never points inside the cages.

I’m wondering if this facility might invite a group like Mercy For Animals in for an unannounced video shoot, with the inspectors given full access to all cage areas. If not, all the images taken in this video should be dismissed as staged.

One last thing: nice scarf, Trent. (Via Messina.)