European Pig Farm Investigation

Compassion in World Farming has just released a large-scale investigation of pig farms across Europe. The BBC has done an excellent video about the findings, and London’s Guardian has published a lengthy piece as well.

According to Compassion in World Farming:

Our Europe-wide investigation revealed shocking images of barren pig pens with European laws frequently broken, including several British farms. Our investigators found poor welfare was prevalent in virtually all 60 farms visited across the UK, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Spain providing a snapshot of pig farming across the continent where pigs are too often packed into overcrowded, barren, dirty pens. We believe that pigs deserve a better life.

I’ve been to a factory pig farm in the United States, and, as terrible as it was, it didn’t compare to the hellishness of the farms shown in the BBC video. It’s great that Compassion in World Farming has both the resources and the publicity savvy necessary to produce a large-scale investigation and to attract heavy coverage by major media.