Factory Farmers Form “U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance”

In the clearest sign yet that factory farming interests feel threatened by the unending stream of undercover cruelty investigations, two dozen of the biggest organizations have formed a group to fight back.

Right from the start, it’s clear these people have their heads up their asses. Joe Cornely of the Ohio Farm Bureau says:

So often people advocate for a utopian world and it’s not doable. Feeding the world requires us to kick up some dirt and create a few odors. That is just a reality of producing food and fiber that may not fit in with the utopian vision.

It’s not a few odors that omnivorous Americans are finding intolerable, it’s the needless cruelty. There’s nothing utopian about seeking an end to battery cages, gestation crates, beak searing, and castration without anesthetic. You could, in fact, have a thriving animal agriculture industry without any of these atrocities.

The problem with this new Alliance is they’re clearly starting out with no understanding of what people are disgusted by—extreme confinement, ongoing brutalities, and routine mutilations. You can’t just throw together a group and expect them to win back Americans if nothing is happening to address these fundamental problems.

As long as factory farms are set up in ways that generate streams of horrific images to anyone who walks in with a camera, industry’s efforts to fight back will be doomed to failure. When the next undercover video gets released, expect the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance to offer nothing but lame excuses and no solutions. Link.