Factory Farming Responds to Food, Inc.

Factory Farming Responds to Food, Inc.

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With Food, Inc. about to open in theaters nationwide, the factory farm industry is firing back. They just put up a website called, I’m not kidding, “SafeFoodInc.org.” And here’s a little excerpt:

While the makers of “Food, Inc.” have the right to state their opinions, consumers and the media have the right to the facts. And that’s what this web site is all about: the other side of the story.

So, the movie’s information is nothing but “opinions,” but the PR mouthpiece for factory farms is where you get the “facts.”

On this page, industry goes so far as to deny that corn is an unnatural food for cattle. And to the question: “Are chickens today larger than they were in the past?”, the site doesn’t admit that today’s birds grow more than twice as quickly as birds from fifty years ago.

So much for a website that purports to counter opinions with facts. There’s no point in debating people who are fundamentally dishonest. (Via Klosterhalfen.) Link.

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