Factory Pig Farmer’s Complaint Backfires

Time for another segment in my occasional series of advice to factory farmers.

When you’re getting away with rampant animal cruelty and nobody is looking to have you thrown in jail, it’s best to just STFU when these cruelties are pointed out:

A complaint about an advertisement by Compassion in World Farming has backfired on to the factory pig industry.

A farmer complained because the advert said pigs suffered like humans would from having their teeth trimmed.

But today the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says it is convinced that they do.

Aww, snap!

The advertisement, by the way, hits just the right note. It reads: “What noise does a piglet make when its teeth are cut off with pliers – without anaesthetic? Same as you.”

The ad appeared throughout the UK this spring in most top newspapers. (Thanks, Mahi.) Link.