Farm Rescue Facebook App

Maybe your friends have been playing the Farmville app on Facebook. And maybe you’ve been as irritated by the game’s constant stream of idiotic status updates as I have.

Well, Mark Middleton has just turned the concept on its head, with a new Facebook App that bases its gameplay on factory farming realities rather than Farmville’s bogus of Old MacDonald mythology. Nathan Runkle of Mercy For Animals interviewed Middleton about his new project, and it’s clear that this game is a novel, attention-grabbing way to expose your Facebook friends to the everyday cruelties perpetuated by animal agribusiness.

If the name Mark Middleton rings a bell, it’s probably because of his past projects with Animal Visuals, which have included a 3D battery cage, and a USA animal slaughter rate widget.

Ever since I was suckered into installing a Facebook app last year that spammed my addressbook, I’ve refused to install any apps whatsoever. But I asked Middleton about privacy considerations in this game, and his response has satisfied me that he’s got as little tolerance for slimy app behavior as I do. I wouldn’t hesitate about installing this app and giving it a spin.

Here’s the Farm Rescue page on Facebook—from there just click the “Go to Application” button.


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