Farmed Animal Cruelty: the Exception or the Rule?

Responding to the HSUS veal slaughterhouse investigation in Grand Isle Vermont, Jim Hamilton writes:

We know within the industry that almost without exception livestock producers take good care of their animals, often placing the welfare of their cattle, hogs or sheep above their own.

Almost without exception, huh? How about PETA’s Land O’Lakes dairy investigation or its Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse investigations? And what about about COK’s 2005 livestock transport investigation, MFA’s Minnesota egg farm investigation, or HSUS’ Hallmark/Westland slaughterhouse investigation?

And let’s not forget this month’s MFA pig farm investigation in Pennsylvania.

Those are some enormous “exceptions”—I’d say they’re numerous enough to be considered the rule. I’d also love to see just one example of a factory farmer placing the welfare of his animals above his own. What a joke. Link.