FDA Signals it’s Serious Over Factory Farm Antibiotics

Some parents have a cute trick involving seeking obedience from their children. They start by asking nicely: “Gail, we need to go into town, could you get in the car?”

When that doesn’t work, the request turns into a command: “Gail, I need you to get in the car.” With further non-cooperation, the command turns into an ultimatum: “Gail, if you don’t get in the car right now you’ll lose media privileges when we get home.”

This week I chided the FDA for ever-so-nicely asking factory farms if they might possibly end their routine antibiotics use. Turns out that this was a request of the parental sort described above: despite the deferential language, it appears the agency isn’t asking but telling.

The agency hasn’t yet laid down the smack on this issue, but it appears its position is now clear. Unfortunately, factory farmers will probably be able to drag their feet for several more years before the rule becomes official.

In any event, even though she’s currently only being asked, Gail will eventually have to get in the damned car whether she likes it or not. Link.