Florida Bill Would Make Undercover Cruelty Investigations a Felony

Horrendous stuff here: Florida state senator Jim Norman has submitted a bill that would make it a first-degree felony to photograph any farm without the owner’s permission. If this were to pass, the sorts of high-profile undercover cruelty investigations carried out by Mercy For Animals and other nonprofits would become illegal in the state.

This may well be the most shameful pro-agribusiness lawmaking effort I’ve ever seen. If there has ever been a situation that has demanded Florida’s animal advocates to step up and be sure they’re heard, this bill  is it.  (Thanks, Jennifer.) Link.

Update: If you live in Florida, please use this page to find your state senator, and contact that person with a polite call or email stating why you’re opposed to Norman’s bill. Bills with strong public opposition have a tough time surviving a state senate vote.


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