Forbes Bashes Soy Milk

Jenna Goudreau smears soy milk, citing an RD who apparently claims the stuff is genetically modified. Nevermind the fact that most soy milk brands carry organic or non-GMO seals (I’ve never heard of a single case of GMO crops being allowed organic certification.) Goudreau then claims soy milk is a more expensive, less healthy choice than cow’s milk:

In a year, you’ll spend about $90 more for potentially harmful milk with more calories.

Naturally, topics like BGH, IGF-1, lactose intolerance, and antibiotic traces are never brought up when she presents cow’s milk as a better choice than soy. Not content with simply bashing soy milk, Goudreau also recommends cream cheese over organic peanut butter.

Why is it a bad idea to assign a staff writer lacking nutrition credentials to churn out dietary advice articles? Because what you get is articles like this. Link.