Free YouTube Film Exposes Farmed Salmon Industry

If you regularly read this blog, you already know that farmed salmon are an environmental disaster. But I’ve never seen the problem summarized so succinctly as in today’s piece by Barry Estabrook:

For years I’ve followed reports about the environmental downside of open-water salmon farms, which is to say virtually all salmon farms. My conclusion is that they are one of the most environmentally destructive ways we produce food. A salmon farm is nothing more than a vast, floating feedlot, except feedlots, at least nominally, have to dispose of food waste, dead animals, and excrement in suitable containment areas. Salmon feedlots flush it all into the sea.

Estabrook’s brief article promotes a superb new twenty-minute documentary that was just released for free viewing on YouTube. I can’t imagine that anybody could watch even the first two minutes of this, and still be willing to eat farmed salmon. Link.