From Veal to Vegan

From Veal to Vegan

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Less than a year ago, Cruzer Pizza and Pasta was about as vegan-unfriendly as a pizza joint could be: not only were the veggie options sparse, the restaurant actually served veal.

Thanks to my friend Michelle Sass, the chain dropped veal from its menu and became the first pizza restaurant in the Western United States to offer Daiya vegan cheese as a topping.

They’ve since seen their vegan clientele grow tremendously, so much so that the company has decided to yank all animal products from its Los Feliz restaurant. That’s right: starting tomorrow, a pizza place that recently had veal on its menu will be 100 percent vegan.

(Via QuarryGirl.) Link.

Update: Great photo-heavy post from QuarryGirl on Cruzer’s first day as a vegan establishment. Link.

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