Ginny Messina Reviews My Ultimate Vegan Guide

Wow, a glowing review of my Ultimate Vegan Guide
from one of my favorite vegan writers, Ginny Messina, RD, MPH. She writes:

For those family members on your Christmas list who are taking the first steps toward a vegan lifestyle, The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus is an ideal gift.

Covering the basics of nutrition, shopping, food preparation and eating out, Marcus provides an easy-to-digest overview of what it takes to make the transition. Written with a sense of humor and an upbeat approach, the book is engaging, practical, and inspiring.

The Ultimate Vegan Guide doesn’t promise to provide every single bit of information that a vegan needs. What it promises is a smooth and painless transition from an omnivore diet to one that eliminates all animal foods. For those who are thinking about going vegan, this book will make it easier—and more fun—than they imagined.

I wrote The Ultimate Vegan Guide to be exactly the book I wish I owned 23 years ago when I made the switch. Link.