Globe and Mail Spotlights Vegan Athletes

Big win today for vegan advocates: Canada’s Globe and Mail just ran a story on the growing popularity of veganism among serious athletes. The article spotlights Brendan Brazier, whose book Thrive has inspired thousands of athletes to be vegan, and vice versa. Brazier notes:

In the past, it wasn’t that vegans couldn’t be athletic; it was just that many of them weren’t athletic and became vegan for other reasons…Those people are still around, of course. But we’re seeing a huge influx of people becoming vegan or near-vegan or at least having an interest in becoming vegan to improve their athletic performance and their health in general.

According to Brazier, a vegan diet gives the body quicker recovery times after intense training sessions, which in turn allows you to train harder and more frequently. After becoming vegan, Brazier reports:

I was able to recover so much more quickly than other athletes I trained with, so I could start training more than them. I could improve faster.

The piece also features publisher and all-around stud Robert Cheeke.

The article unfortunately ends with some not-terribly-helpful comments from a nutritionist. But at least the piece doesn’t resort to quoting some industry stooge from the meat or dairy councils. (Thanks, Heather.) Link.