GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons shot an elephant to death, and was so proud of his adventure that he posted a video of the hunt—with all the hunters decked out in GoDaddy baseball caps.

GoDaddy will never see another penny from me. It’s a totally shitty company with crappy hosting and spammy business practices, but this seals the deal. Link.

Update: is offering special $4.99 domain transfers through Friday, and they’re donating $1.00 to “Save the Elephants” with each transfer.

Update #2: My friend Jeff Boghosian (who has handed out more than 75,000 Vegan Outreach booklets) writes: “I interviewed for a computer job in their Scottsdale AZ office (their headquarters is based here in AZ), and at each entrance they had a large head of an animal hanging on the wall.”