Grant Butler Aces His First Month as a Vegan

The Oregonian’s Grant Butler has finished his monthlong experiment as a vegan, and he’s decided to stick with it:

I’ve experienced plenty of physical benefits. I’ve dropped an astonishing 12 pounds in 28 days, without having to count calories or feel hungry all the time. At night, I’m sleeping better, which I’m certain is linked to my body not having to work overtime to digest all the beef I had been eating previously. As a result, I have tons of energy, and have been able to decrease my dependence on coffee and Diet Coke to get through the afternoon. Hey, every penny counts these days.

I’ve been following Grant’s blog, which has recounted his experiences on the diet. I think the reason he’s had such an easy time is that he dug into learning about vegan eating with obvious passion, while making every effort to constantly try new foods. If you do these things and also read up on the basics of nutrition, it’s all surprisingly easy. Link.