Grant Butler’s Vegan Transition Recap: Week Two

Oregonian reporter Grant Butler has just begun his third week as a vegan. and it’s all going swimmingly:

The Going Vegan project is now in its third week, and I’m starting to experience some physical results from changing to a plant-based diet. I’ve dropped six pounds without changing my exercise regimen (primarily commuting to work on foot), and my clothes are fitting more loosely. My energy level is flying high, and I find I’m needing fewer mid-day coffee pick-me-ups. And I’m sleeping better than in recent months, which is possibly related to the transition.

In the kitchen, I’m more excited by the cooking prospects than ever. I’ve made some wonderfully delicious dishes in the first few weeks of vegan cooking: a rich cassoulet; curried tofu with brown basmati rice; tangy pasta salad; even a fun Valentine’s-themed veggie pizza. All of those flavors are warding off cravings. And I’m picking up some tricks from the Portland vegan restaurants I’ve been trying that should push the adventurous cooking even further.

Like most other people making a successful transition, it seems that Butler’s finding it easier with each passing week. Soon enough, being vegan will be second nature to him.

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