Great Chefs Cook Vegan

(Via Ecorazzi) I’ve got to tell you, a person would have to search long and hard to find someone more jaded about vegan cookbooks than me. Publishers send me review copies of their cookbooks all the time, and after your 73rd vegan cookbook arrives in the mail, the novelty wears off.

So I had thought that the idea of me lusting after a vegan cookbook was, by now, pretty much unthinkable. But this one breaks new ground. Linda Long, a vegan for thirty years, has somehow corralled 25 of the world’s top omnivorous chefs, and gotten each to dream up the multi-course vegan meal of their fantasies. These chefs are at the top of their profession, and the thought of such elite chefs turning their talents to vegan cooking is damned exciting.

As I write this, Great Chefs Cook Vegan has just been published and it looks as if nobody yet knows about it — it’s ranked a lowly 94,000 on But this is too great of an idea not to take off in a big way; I’d be shocked if this book doesn’t quickly become a top-selling vegan title. Link.