Greenpeace Activist Says Japanese Whaling “On Verge of Collapse”

The Guardian has published an article by one of the Greenpeace activists who exposed corruption within Japan’s whaling industry:

Because of our case, many inside Japan are now aware of the whaling industry’s kickbacks and embezzlement. The tide of public opinion in Japan has finally begun to turn against the whalers, which will eventually drive a stake through the heart of my country’s whaling industry. The facts are clear: there is shrinking demand for whale meat, and roughly 6,000 tonnes of it are sitting in cold storage. For the first time, people in Japan are beginning to wonder why a fleet of Japanese ships is travelling thousands of miles to bring back unwanted meat.

It’s clear that the position of Japan’s whaling industry grows weaker year by year, while the political cost to the country mounts. (Via Kathy.) Link.